How to Customize a Free Business Card Template With Photoshop

Without a doubt, business card is important for promoting your business and many million dollar deals start off with the exchange of business cards. If you’re starting out on a small business with limited budget, hiring a professional graphic designer to design your card could be pain in your pocket. But don’t be sadden by this. There are literally thousands of designs available over the Internet, which many of those templates can be downloaded for free. Do a search on your favorite search engine with the keyword ‘free business card templates’ and browse through all the relevant websites. Find a suitable design, and download the template. Most of these free templates are not made to be exclusive and this is where business card template customization comes into play.

Step 1: With Adobe Photoshop, run the downloaded template by clicking on File>Open.

Step 2: Then check the image or color mode, making sure that CMYK color is check (Image>Mode>CMYK).

Step 3: Make sure that the resolution is mark at 300 pixel/inch (Image > Image Size)

Step 4: Now you can customize the template by adding your business logo and contact details. Make sure all images and text are within the blue guideline. Remember to save your work frequently. If you’re unsure about where to place the contact details, most of these free templates come with a sample image of the business card. You can use that as a reference.

Step 5: When you’re done with customizing the template, save the file by clicking on File>Save As and select a file format from the dropdown menu. Then, hit the Save button. Now you’re ready to send your business card design for print job.