5 Tips on Creating Business Card Templates

1. Download Business Card Templates

Templates can be downloaded from websites that offer free templates. If you don’t need too many templates, just download one of the templates, personalize it, and print them on your printer. It’s easy, fast and most importantly cheap! On the internet there are business card layouts in PDF, Illustrator, JPEG, and Photoshop, which you can personalize as you wish before you print them. I recommend StockLayouts, they have some of the best business card templates in the industry.

2. Design your own template

You can also design your own layout using various programs. This might take a while though, and actually it is easier to just choose a design from a website and then personalize it. Graphics editing software are not so easy to find, not to mention that you need some skills and experience to use them. Of course if you have an artistic talent and you like to design stuff, such a program is suitable for you. This way you have the chance to make every little detail as you want. If you are a starter, I recommend you to read a book by Chuck Green called “The InDesign Ideabook, the book also provide a CD with 300+ build in templates. ISBN 978-0-9669587-5-1

3. Hire a professional designer

Business card templates can be designed by professionals as well. You can hire a professional designer to make a great template for you. This way your cards will be one of a kind, and you can make them exactly like you want them, stylish and of high quality. The disadvantage of hiring a designer is money. Usually it costs a lot to have your cards designed this way.

4. Ask a printing company

If you want to print more cards, over 250 pieces let’s say, then the best is to leave the job for a professional printing company. You can send the personalized template to them or choose one of the business card layouts from their website. There are many printing companies who offer design for free, but as we all know, the design cost will be incorporated into your prints.

5. Web To Print