Business Card Templates – Free and Fast Ways to Find the Right One For Your Small Business

Planning to design a business card for your venture? Hiring a professional to do the job can be a very expensive proposition. You can now do it without having to spend a fortune on hiring a professional graphic designer for it. If you search online, you can find tones of amazing business card templates – free!

The design of a card and the way in which your information is presented goes a long way in creating a good first impression in the minds of your clients and prospects. Today you can start a profitable venture online with almost zero startup capital. For example, even bloggers are looking at monetizing their writing skills these days! And in such a competitive space when everyone is jumping into the entrepreneurial band wagon, good business cards that offer contact information in a compact form can differentiate you from competition.

If you are hiring a professional to design your business cards then you can state your requirements for layout and design and get a customized card made for you. But it can also burn a hole in your wallet and if you are just starting your business on a small scale, you may not want to take that hit on your capital expenditure.

The smart way out is to download business card templates free from the internet. Even if you know graphics software, getting pre-designed card templates for free and then customizing it is easier and faster than starting from scratch.

But don’t worry if you are not comfortable with graphic editing software. You can still get online and download a ready-made business card template free and use it with zero customization. The only flip side is that since these designs are freely available, other companies or professionals may have a similar design as yours. Thus, it does not offer you exclusivity.

Before choosing a card template, find out what type of card is best suited for your business and style. There are a lot of sites that offer professionally designed business card templates free for you – complete with a color scheme and even artwork! Also, keep in mind the profile of your target customers. If you are offering the latest fashion clothes for youth, then a vibrant design might be more suitable, but if you are offering a more sober product like financial consultation then you need to avoid too much artwork in your card. Keep in mind that your card is like a window into your personality as far as the clients are concerned – so make sure you project the image that you want your clients to see. Remember that your cards can be a very powerful marketing tool for your business – so design yours in such a way that the client recalls your product offerings as soon as he sees the card.

In most online sites, the card templates are organized by categories, to make your search easier. So, go ahead and save money by downloading the right business card templates – free!

Printable Business Card Templates

Free business card templates can be a good choice for the business people who want to make their personalized business identity. You can choose free or paid templates.

Free Printable business card templates

This is the first and best choice for the tight budget business people. These templates are looking good as the paid one. They are really simple and easy to edit and print. You do not need to worry about acquiring a good designer. What you want to do is pick the suitable free templates you want and download it. The positive side of the free template is that you have the layout, design and all you should need to do is add your business logo and type your business details such as name, contact address, phone etc and print it. You may choose your own printer or commercial printer. Ensure that you advise your printer to use quality printing paper in order to produce the efficient cards. Using a free template is the best choice for the small businesses, home businesses and for the people who really want to market their service at low cost.

Paid Printable Business Card Templates

How to Customize a Free Business Card Template With Photoshop

Without a doubt, business card is important for promoting your business and many million dollar deals start off with the exchange of business cards. If you’re starting out on a small business with limited budget, hiring a professional graphic designer to design your card could be pain in your pocket. But don’t be sadden by this. There are literally thousands of designs available over the Internet, which many of those templates can be downloaded for free. Do a search on your favorite search engine with the keyword ‘free business card templates’ and browse through all the relevant websites. Find a suitable design, and download the template. Most of these free templates are not made to be exclusive and this is where business card template customization comes into play.

Step 1: With Adobe Photoshop, run the downloaded template by clicking on File>Open.

Step 2: Then check the image or color mode, making sure that CMYK color is check (Image>Mode>CMYK).

Step 3: Make sure that the resolution is mark at 300 pixel/inch (Image > Image Size)

Step 4: Now you can customize the template by adding your business logo and contact details. Make sure all images and text are within the blue guideline. Remember to save your work frequently. If you’re unsure about where to place the contact details, most of these free templates come with a sample image of the business card. You can use that as a reference.

Step 5: When you’re done with customizing the template, save the file by clicking on File>Save As and select a file format from the dropdown menu. Then, hit the Save button. Now you’re ready to send your business card design for print job.

5 Tips on Creating Business Card Templates

1. Download Business Card Templates

Templates can be downloaded from websites that offer free templates. If you don’t need too many templates, just download one of the templates, personalize it, and print them on your printer. It’s easy, fast and most importantly cheap! On the internet there are business card layouts in PDF, Illustrator, JPEG, and Photoshop, which you can personalize as you wish before you print them. I recommend StockLayouts, they have some of the best business card templates in the industry.

2. Design your own template

You can also design your own layout using various programs. This might take a while though, and actually it is easier to just choose a design from a website and then personalize it. Graphics editing software are not so easy to find, not to mention that you need some skills and experience to use them. Of course if you have an artistic talent and you like to design stuff, such a program is suitable for you. This way you have the chance to make every little detail as you want. If you are a starter, I recommend you to read a book by Chuck Green called “The InDesign Ideabook, the book also provide a CD with 300+ build in templates. ISBN 978-0-9669587-5-1

3. Hire a professional designer

Business card templates can be designed by professionals as well. You can hire a professional designer to make a great template for you. This way your cards will be one of a kind, and you can make them exactly like you want them, stylish and of high quality. The disadvantage of hiring a designer is money. Usually it costs a lot to have your cards designed this way.

4. Ask a printing company

If you want to print more cards, over 250 pieces let’s say, then the best is to leave the job for a professional printing company. You can send the personalized template to them or choose one of the business card layouts from their website. There are many printing companies who offer design for free, but as we all know, the design cost will be incorporated into your prints.

5. Web To Print

Choosing The Best Business Card Template

Designing a business card can be a tough task if you think that you don’t have the required skills. However, it is one of the most essential elements of a company. They might be tiny, but act as huge marketing tools in creating a brand identity for you. Therefore, it is imperative that you design your business card with utmost care. In order to design a business card, you would definitely want to take help from templates. The reason is that they are pre-designed cards and make your task of card creation a lot easier.

Another reason why the templates are so popular is that they are designed by professional designers and have all the essential components of a desirable business card. The components like color, text and graphics are perfectly used in the templates, and they can prove really helpful for you. Templates of certain software applications come with innumerable card designs for all industry types, and it becomes easier for you to choose from them. You can start by selecting a card template that reflects your organization best and do a bit of editing in it. You can add your company’s name and a slogan, if any to begin with. You can choose to keep the colors of the template same or change them in accordance with your needs. You can insert graphics and shapes in your card to make it look more appealing.

Another thing that can give an elevated effect to your card is putting a professional image of yours. This way, your clients and prospective customers will be able to relate with you in a better manner. It also gives a personalized touch to your card. In addition, you can choose a vertically designed card than the conventional horizontal one. This also helps you to leave a lasting impact on the customer or whosoever you hand your card to. Let’s say, if a prospective client is holding a bunch of cards, he or she should be able to identify with you through your card and choose it from the stack in front of him or her. Such a business card design can be created using business card templates. Besides, you can choose from a variety of themes provided in the card templates and create an amazing business card. Whatever template you choose, make sure that it represents your organization in the best manner possible and can leave an impression in the marketplace and on your targets.